Culinary Terminology - S

Sachet d'épices: this is a satchel, or a little bag, with aromatic ingredients, used to flavor stocks and other foods. A standard sachet usually contains parsley stems, dried thyme, cracked peppercorns, a bay leaf, cloves and sometimes garlic.

Saucier: the sauté station chef is responsible for all sautéed items and sauces.

Sautée: quickly cooking foods in a hot pan with a little bit of fat, it's a high temperature, dry-heat cooking method.

Sel: Salt. Before you think table salt is the only salt, check here:

Sommelier: the "wine-meister" in a restaurant. He/she orders, knows and recommends wines and is the to-go-to guy or girl for all things wine.

Sous chef: "sous" in French means "below" or "underneath". The term sous-chef points to the first chef below the executive chef on the ranks. The sous-chef is usually the one in charge of production. Here's the resume of one:

Speculaas: Dutch cookie that is traditionally served in December and is spiced with a mixture of cinnamon, white pepper, ground cloves and nutmeg. Sometimes cardamom or anise seed is added to the mixture. For a recipe, click here: