Culinary Terminology - R

Remouillage: Literally means "to wet again" and the term is used to describe the process, and product of using bones (that have been used previously) to draw a second stock.

Rondeau: a circular pan with straight edges and a handle on each side.

Rondelle: circular or disk shaped slice. Perfect for those carrots......

Rôtisserie: a cooking device built to rotate meats or foods and grill them evenly.

Rôtisseur: the station in the kitchen, or the chef who is responsible for all items roasted on a spit:

Roulade: a roll. Either meat/poultry or fish around a stuffing, or a filled and spongecake. Here's a lovely recipe for a chicken roulade:,1739,153177-229198,00.html

Roux: a mixture of butter (or fat) and flour, cooked until it forms a thick sauce. It is used as a thickener: