Culinary Terminology - E

Émincé: sliced thin, or cut fine. Usually refers to meats (boneless), but can also be used for fruits and vegetables. Here's a great recipe with videos:

En croute: French for "in a crust", and refers to foods wrapped in a crust and baked. Crust can be made of a variety of items such as puff pastry, salt or bread:

En papillote: cooking foods in parchment paper or foil, where the food steams in its own moisture. For recipes and pictures:,1,2968910.story?coll=la-headlines-food

Entrée (am): the main dish, consisting usually of meat, fish, or poultry, and a vegetable and a starch.ée

Entrée (fr): the first course served in a meal, before the main dish.ée

Entremetier: the roles of potager and légumier into the station that prepares the vegetables, starches and sweet courses:

Escoffier: Georges-Auguste Escoffier, who was responsible for the development of the cuisine classique. Click here for more information: