Culinary Terminology - D

Decorateur: the decorateur is in charge of making showpieces and special cakes, such as this one for Disney:

Degraisser: to degrease, removing accumulated fat from the surface of a stock, soup or sauce.

Demi-glace: a "half-glaze" referring to a reduced sauce consisting of half a brown sauce and half a brown stock, and often the base for a myriad of small sauces. Disregarding the faulty spelling of some of these sauces, check here for additional information:

Depouillage: skimming the surface of a stock or sauce to remove scum and other impurities.

Duxelles: a paste made from mushroom and shallots sautéed in butter, and used to flavor and enrich soups, sauces, stews . Check your "On Cooking" on page 755 for a step by step process and pictures. For what it's worth, it is said to have been created for the Marquis d'Uxelles.