Culinary Terminology - G

Galangal: otherwise known as blue ginger, galangal is an Asian plant. Its rhizomes are used for culinary and medicinal purposes. It looks like ginger, but has a distinct citrus smell and flavor. Click here for pictures and additional information.

Ganache: a mixture of (heavy) cream and chocolate that is used as frosting, or pastry filling. Also used chilled to make truffles. Yummm!!!!

Gaufrette: thin slices of vegetables with a waffle, or honeycomb, texture. "Gaufrette" literally means "small waffle" or "wafer". This is what one looks like:

Glacier: the glacier makes all chilled and frozen desserts, and may also function as a décorateur (see D): Check out these wonderful ice-cakes from a master glacier:

Gourmet: Somebody who appreciates good food, a connoisseur of fine food and drink:

Grillardin: broiler or grill cook.